Sunday, November 8, 2009

Product Recall: ALL Maclaren Strollers

From the Baby Bargains website:

Breaking news: Maclaren plans to recall 1 million strollers---all its production between 1999 and 2009---after receiving 12 reports of hinges on the stroller that amputated children's fingertips. The company will send out a cover for the hinges to all owners.

The CPSC and Maclaren will issue a press release in the recall this Tuesday; Maclaren began notifying its dealers of the recall in the past couple of days.

Here is the take-home message until the recall is official:

• Stop using all Maclaren strollers right now---yes, every model made since 1999.

• When the recall goes public on Tuesday, order a hinge cover from Maclaren's web site or phone line. (Note: the web site is not live yet as of this writing).

• Wait until you install the hinge cover before using the stroller again.

We will blogging updates on this recall as they develop this week. Click here to read updates:

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