Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Product Review: Udder Covers Revisited & Promo Code

Before Andrew was born, I posted a review and some pictures of my Udder Covers nursing cover HERE. At that point, aside from a bit of shoddy sewing, I was pleased with the $8.95 cover. Now that I am actually breastfeeding, I am in LOVE with it!

I use the cover everywhere I have to nurse in public--friends' houses, coffee shops, you name it. The light cotton fabric keeps me and baby covered, while the stiff collar allows me to retain eye contact. Sometimes he does get too hot under there, though, so I uncover his legs and still retain my modesty. (Let's face it though, when you become a breastfeeding mother most modesty goes out the window.) Also, the cover washed great in my laundromat, which is no small feat!

Sure its still a bit strange that they are perpetually sending out offer codes through which you can get the cover for just s&h ($8.95) and a gift set of cover, breastfeeding bracelet, and washable bra pads for $5 plus s&h, but, since I've come to love the cover, I have come to not question a deal that lets me get one for cheap, cheap, cheap!

I actually kind of wish they had more colors to choose from... if they did, I'd definitely buy another one.

If you're interested in buying from Udder Covers with a promotional code, type in PLANNING for the nursing cover and BABIES for the gift set deal.


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