Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gymboree of Forest Hills - Review Part Deux!

(EDIT: Please see my third and final Gymboree of Forest Hills review where I fall back in love with the place. So fickle, so fickle... but trying to be as honest as can be!) 

We finally got to go to our second Play & Learn Class at Gymboree in Forest Hills after a snow cancellation and Andrew being sick, and I should have waited just a tad longer before I gave this Gymboree location such a glowing review. I mean, I wasn't so off base with my previous post, but yesterday's class left a bit more to be desired than our first time there.

First, we found out yesterday that the teacher we loved so much--Miss Amanda--was actually a substitute. Our real teacher is Gabriella Paez and, sadly, she is not nearly as good. I don't mean to be rude, but the class with her seemed so disorganized. We rushed from one activity to the next and the children didn't really get a chance to enjoy anything. Also--and this is going to sound very mean--but I couldn't really understand what Miss Gabriella was saying. I by no means intend to disrespect anybody who has an accent--my father and most of my older relatives have them--but I couldn't follow the class most of the time. This probably doesn't matter to Andrew now, of course, but I want him to learn to sing London Bridge with "my fair lady" and not "my fur lady."

I know, I know. I'm horrible. But, I can't help wanting more out of a Gymboree teacher when the class after us is led by the fabulous Sean Reilly. He is just so happy and full of energy, and we enjoy listening to his great singing voice as we are packing up to go. Andrew would really just like to stay around to hang out with his class, but, alas, it is for infants 6-10 months.

So, what to do? We are taking a makeup Play and Learn 3 class this coming Friday and, if we like the teacher, we are going to transfer to that group. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes!

Also, there never seems to be anybody at the front desk at this Gymboree, which is super annoying. I wanted to buy a pack of bouncing balls for Andrew after class yesterday and talk about some makeup issues, but their was nobody to talk to. It seems like this is a common problem at this location. Next class I'll have to grab the teacher before she runs out the door (like Miss Gabriella literally did!)


  1. Sounds like you need to swap! :D Your not being horrible just seems a waste of time if your not getting 100% out of it!

  2. Thanks so much for this comment! I really did not want to seem like such a terrible person! :)

  3. I haven't heard great things about the gymboree in Forest Hills, which is way (although I live here), I've never been. I was debating booking Peanut's 2nd birthday there, but decided to go with the My Gym in Fresh Meadows, instead. Either way, I'm so looking forward to the weather getting better and getting back to the park!!

  4. Take a class with Miss Kristi. She is the one that you want. Miss Gabi is a rude moron.

  5. Oh my gosh, Gaby is such a dedicated, energetic, and loving teacher, and gives her all to her classes each and every week. Her classes are full of energy and challenging, fun activities. (They must be fast paced to keep the attention of 1 year olds).Yes, she does have an accent similar to Sofia Vergara on Modern Family, but once accustomed to it, you can understand her clearly. Most importantly, her students really, really love her.

    At Gymboree, we try to have a variety of teachers all with different, winning personalities, because we know our parents and children are all different too. Each family will pick a teacher that fits best with their child. So even though the curriculum is the same, each class will have a different flavor added by the wonderful, fun personalities of our teachers!

    It's up to you to find the flavor you and your child like the best. That's when Gymboree becomes a place of learning, joy, and making friends, sort of like a second loving home to your child. Gymboree is so much more than just a playground. Find the right teacher, then just give it a few more weeks to see the magic unfold before your eyes!

  6. I can't believe 'Queens Mama' would be so insensitive. Miss Gabi is an absolute delight. I have attended 4 different levels of Play and Learn classes with my child for approximately 18 months. I have also had the pleasure to take classes with Sean, Kristi, Gabi and Natalia. All a delight. At the infant age, you can't expect a child to learn in an orderly manner. Also, for the price of $300, it is play and learn, not private school for the rich and famous. I am so appauled by your 'review' that I am posting to banned your website to my circle of 'queens mamas'. Good luck in finding a suitable teacher! I hope I do not run into you at Forest Hills, Gymboree...

  7. Aw, guys, you know I really didn't mean to be insensitive and I said as much. Maybe I caught miss Gabriella on an off day--you know we all have them and it did seem like she had to run out of class in a rush to get somewhere--but we are all entitled to our own opinions and are all allowed to voice them in this wonderful country we call America.

    We did try a class with Miss Kristi and she is a better fit with us. She is really a very wonderful teacher. Thank you Anonymous from 2/28 for suggesting that we try her class out.

    Anonymous from March 1st, I am sorry that my honest assessment of my time with Miss Gabi has illicited such a harsh response from you--harsh enough as to try to ban me from a circle of websites and to have you mock me as searching for a "private school for the rich and famous." As the first response from noted, I am indeed paying for the classes and, as such, should be satisfied by the services received and entitled to search around for a new teacher. Now, you say that you hope you do not run into me at Gymboree in Forest Hills--are you saying that if you see me while I'm there WITH MY BABY and you are there WITH YOUR BABY that you are going to approach me in a negative way? I hope that you can be adult enough to not act in such a way among children and to realize, overall, that my review really is not a cause for such behavior. A better use of your time would be to write your own positive review on your own or another website.

    That said, thanks everybody for your constructive comments!