Thursday, March 17, 2011

Product Review: Nuby Non Drip Bottle

Nuby Leak Proof Bottle, Colors May Vary, 8 Ounce, 2 Pack

Does your toddler still drink milk from a bottle? We had a bit of a hard go in the beginning getting Andrew to take a bottle instead of nursing, but now he drinks out of most any bottle--not just the fancy, shmancy ones--just fine.

He's actually doing great drinking from a bottle all by himself before he falls asleep, so I'm not in any rush to take it away from him just yet. But for a while I was going mad constantly cleaning the only 3 bottles I had. Oh the misery of not having a dishwasher!

Ok, ok. Handwashing a couple bottles isn't anything to cry over, but we needed to have more on-hand, so I picked up a $6 three-pack of Nuby's 8 oz Non-Drip Baby Bottles at our local discount kid's store, 1/2 Price Kids. ($4.99 for 2 on Amazon.)

Nuby No Spill Nuby Nipples, Colors May Vary, 6 PackI was a little scared what the quality of a $2 bottle would be after I tried the $1 Luvs brand bottles from Family Dollar to find that they had horrible nipples that compressed in half. But I'm actually a fan of the Nubys. They fit great in Andrew's hands and the bottles do not drip--neither from the top of the nipple due to their special indented design nor from the gasket. Just be sure to really clean out the nipple as milk hides out a bit in the indented part. 

My only real beef--and it is a beef I have with many bottles--is that the oz/ml measurements on the outside of the bottle are starting to rub off. Come on bottle manufacturers! Can't you use something more permanent on the outside of the bottle? I know Nuby does actually make a great nurser bottle where the numbers are just stamped into the bottle plastic (think raised like braille.) This is what I would like to see on all bottles in a perfect mommy world. Hah!

Bottom line: Even if you have to remark the oz measurments with a Sharpie and spend some extra time cleaning the unconventional nipple, these are good, solid bottles for the budget-minded mama and her not-very-fussy toddler.


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