Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me! Turquoise Mother Bird Pendant from Lenox

Today I am 29. How did my 20s go by so fast? So many exciting things have happened--I moved into NYC with my best girl friends, met my husband and got married, gave birth to my adorable baby boy, and moved back home to Rockland. So, I'm really not going to complain, then, that 30 is now in sight. Who knows what amazing and wonderful things lay before me? As my best friend Kate once wrote to me in a birthday card, "We should be glad that the birthdays keep on coming. Otherwise, we'd be dead." Good point!

So, what does one buy a newish mom on her birthday? My husband actually gave me the perfect gift--and its something that I've been lusting over for a while now. Behold the Turquoise Mother Bird Pendant from Lenox:

Turquoise Mother Bird PendantI am so in love with this necklace! It is sterling silver with genuine turquoise beads. AND you can add or subtract egg beads to represent up to 5 children or loved ones. I kept the original two eggs on mine to represent my husband and Andrew. Also, I didn't want to fiddle with the beads and extra provided jewelry wire right at this moment--I wanted to put the necklace right on!

The 1 inch pendant is just so adorable and you can really tell it is well-made. It is solid, but not too heavy, and sits just perfectly on my chest strung on its 18" sterling silver chain (included). As you can see from this next picture, I am one very happy birthday girl.

Lenox's Turquoise Mother Bird Pendant is $119 and you can purchase it from the Lenox catalog or online. Or, you could just drop hints to a special someone in your life and see what happens!