Friday, November 4, 2011

The Snow is Gone: :) or :(?

The foot or so of snow from last Saturday has melted, but it left behind some pretty awesome memories. This is the first time that Andrew has really gotten to play in the snow since last winter we were still backyard-less in Queens.  And, wow, did he have fun! He "shoveled" the driveway and ran through the snow laughing. He even got to wear his dragon costume in the snow the next day. He liked the snow so much, it made me a little sad that it wasn't really indeed winter when the snow started to melt--but then I snapped back to reality! We can wait a bit longer for that.  (See more adorable photos below!)

Speaking of adorable photos, I have my review of Venture Photography to post tomorrow! We got some awesome photos from this slick photo franchise, but I'm really not pleased with their ridiculous prices and photo hostage-taking. (Be prepared for some ranting tomorrow!)


  1. Can't wait to read your thoughts on Venture - we had a similar experience last year, I think... Mommy got a deal where they waived the sitting fee or something and we got a free 5x7, but HOLY CRAZY PRICES, BATMAN! We did get suckered into buying 2 more pics, but it was supersad not to be able to get more...

    If you're looking for local (Rockland) photographers, we are friends with 2 great ones!