Monday, January 9, 2012

I am a Pregnant Lady and I Approve this Sandwich

When I was working at the Flatiron in Manhattan (did you know there are a bunch of book publishing companies in there?) I was obsessed with a sandwich called the Skinni available at Natural Deli on 23rd Street. A Munster cheese sandwich topped with avocados, bean sprouts and wasabi mayonnaise on seven grain bread, this was a delicious, creamy, sometimes-nose-clearing sandwich masquerading as something healthy for me.

But, alas, I am 50ish miles away from Natural Deli and baby wants a Skinni right now! So I've come up with my own version of the Skinni for mommy, baby and your delight:

The Rockland Skinni
2 Slices of Bread (white, wheat, seven grain--whatever you prefer)
2-3 Slices of Munster Cheese
1/2 Medium Avocado
Wasabi Mayo (Available in you grocery store condiment aisle. I like Dynasty Brand--expensive, but lasts a long time.)

1) Slice half an avocado into thin, vertical slices.
2) Slather one slice of bread with wasabi mayo. Be careful only to add as much as your taste buds/nasal cavities can handle.
3) On second slice of bread, layer on muenster cheese and avocado and top with second slice of bread.
4) *Optional: Grill sandwich in a pan with some butter. Melting the cheese makes the avocado less likely to slip off the sandwich and the butter adds extra flavor. You can also add some chicken to the sandwich--Boarshead's spicy buffalo chicken adds great kick.

As an added bonus--you have half an avocado left for another sandwich the next day (or that same day!) or to use as an accompaniment to chicken in the evening. If there's one thing I appreciate this pregnancy it is a delicious avocado. And chocolate. And pickles, And.... you get the point.

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