Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: MusicClasses4Kids - Kids' Music Classes in Rockland, Bergen & Passaic

Andrew is obviously going to be the next big music star (see exhibit A), so we gladly signed up for MusicClasses4Kids Winter 2012 session at the New City, NY location after attending a free trial class back in January. We love this creative music education program and are happy to have been going there long enough now that we can finally recommend it to you! 
Exhibit A: Rock God

Created by Mark Pent (Mistermusikmark) and Gail Pent (Kupkake), this music program is fun, effective, and so refreshingly far from the computer or TV. Mark--an accomplished professional percussionist and early childhood music and educator--and Gail rely primarily on drums and other percussion instruments, an mp3 player, singing, dancing, storytelling and on-your-feet games during each class. And, wouldn't you believe it, the kids have a ball and learn at lightning-fast speed too.

Proof? Andrew is only 23 months old, but last week at class he was able to create an eighth note structure out of popsicle sticks--and most of the other kids in the class can do it too! He sings the songs we learn in class at home all the time, he can identify a ton of different instruments now, and he pretends to "air" play those instruments CORRECTLY. I am one very proud and impressed mommy. 

Not to mention that Andrew has such fun at each and every hour-long class, dancing under the parachute, making animal sounds, banging on a drum or shaking his egg maracas. He even enjoys it when he doesn't participate exactly as instructed to, such as sitting in the middle of the floor playing a drum while we all have a musical parade around him. The Pent's encourage parent participation, though, even when the little ones aren't paying their full attention. If mom is doing it, Andrew usually comes around. But if he doesn't, its OK too--as long as he does not touch another child (these classes are a rough-house free zone!)  

You can try out a FREE CLASS at the end of March/beginning of April before the Spring 2012 session beings--just check the class schedule HERE for more info. The tuition is $209* for 10 classes (11 including the free class) and babies attending with a sibling up to 8 months are free.This is really great for me as Andrew won't have to miss the next session of classes when the baby arrives--I'll just need to ask someone to come along to occupy the littler one (dads, grandmas, grandpas, any helper guardian is welcome.) *There is a one-time new family fee of $15. There are class locations in New City, Pearl River, Tallman, Butler (NJ), and Ringwood (NJ).  

So, give a free class a try and let me know if you agree with Andrew and me. Then, let's start a toddler band and make like stage moms!  


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