Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Kids Kingdom Pirate Birthday Party (Nanuet, NY)

I totally dropped the ball on planning Andrew's birthday party early this year. Last year we booked the now-closed Playroom in Nyack months in advance, but this year I found myself three weeks out with no such plans and no energy to pull something together in our small apartment.

Then I remembered the pirate party Andrew's cousin had at the (since-closed) Kids Kingdom location in Pomona last year. The Nanuet location is still open, so I crossed my fingers and gave them a call--and was able to book a party on my desired date in no time flat.

The party was really nice! While I was initially disappointed we couldn't book in Pomona, the Nanuet Kids Kingdom is actually really great. It's much bigger, allowing for a bouncy castle, a play grocery store, an obstacle course, and a wooden climb-on pirate ship all under one roof. And you get the venue all to yourself for your allotted party time. The front door is locked once your party starts, so you can be sure your kids and all your gear are safe inside. I'm a big fan if that!

The venue play area is really clean and the apparatuses are fun and in good shape, despite the location also being used during the week as a preschool. Well, ok, you could tell the grocery store items have been well-loved (and were once once real grocery store boxes--smart cost saver!) but the kids could really have cared less and spent a lot of time playing there.

We had two lovely young party hosts for the hour and a half party, and after a good period of free play, they led the kids in some pirate party games (a treasure hunt, pin the x on the map, walking the plank, etc.) My son got a real kick out of the role playing ("Agh, there's a shark!") and also sitting in the birthday throne chair for pizza and cupcakes.

The only thing that pained me a bit about the party was something unavoidable--the price tag! A pirate party at Kids Kingdom costs $325 for 10 children (infants and birthday child are free) which includes pizza and juice for the kids, paper goods, party hosts, and party favors (a pirate cup, coins and a tattoo for boys and play jewelry for the girls.) Additional kids are $15 and food and drink for parents and extra party time costs extra. You also have to bring your own cake.

I of course understand why the party costs so much and don't fault Kids Kingdom. When you're running a big facility like that, there are big bills to pay! And, while my wallet hurt a bit, the stress I saved this year really was worth the cost. Winter birthdays require indoor parties, and it can be tough to do the planning for that when you've got high-maintenance little ones.

So, I definitely recommend you check out Kids Kingdom in Nanuet for birthday parties! They also offer royal parties and princess tea parties (fun, fun, fun!)

Visit Kids Kingdom online at or on Facebook HERE.

**Pricing and details are correct as of posting but may change! Please check with Kids Kingdom.


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