Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Doctor Search Continues: Dr. Richard Roberts $ Dr. Marti Gilbert

I set my sites upon an OB/GYN with great reviews who delivers at several Queens hospitals: Dr. Richard Roberts, who has offices in Glendale, Flushing, and Great Neck. However, I just got off the phone with his office and he isn't delivering anymore! And, the delivering doctor at the practice, Dr. Marti Gilbert (who has received wonderful reviews too), is on maternity leave due to complications with her own delivery. Aiyaiyai.

I hope to have a great Queens OB/GYN to tell you about soon. I do have a lot of requirements--easy to get to by walking/bus, delivers at Long Island Jewish, has great reviews, etc.--but I don't think those are too irrational. I mean, don't we all want our baby to be in the best hands?

Not that I'm saying my husband wouldn't be super careful if he did indeed have to catch the baby football-style, in a car, in a snowstorm. ;)


  1. Marti Gilbert is a GREAT doctor! I am so upset that she is no longer practicing with Roberts since she now has (I think??) two children. I was very sad to hear that she had left, and decided to go see her replacement, Dr. Linda Lee. (Of course, I am very happy for Dr. Gilbert- it is my loss!!) Dr. Lee does not even come CLOSE to Gilbert. She is "average" and is good at giving text book answers, but has NO bedside manner. I am currently looking for another gynie, someone who I feel comfortable with. She always seems to be in a hurry to get you out of the room, and doesn't take any time to get the know her patient. Dr. Gilbert never interviewed you when you were still naked and vulnerable...she always told you to get dressed and coe to her office where she spoke to you as though you were an intelligent and feeling person. Dr. Lee asks "have you any problems?" And hurries out of the room. Not a good replacement for such a wonderful and caring doctor like Dr. Gilbert!!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! It is such a shame that Dr. Gilbert isn't practicing anymore. It seems like she is (was?) a great doctor and I'm a HUGE fan of GYN's who talk to you in their office before or after an exam.

    I hope you find a new doctor soon! If you are comfortable with a male dr, you should check out Dr. Kanarek in Forest Hills who I've talked about in some of my other posts. He is super nice-great bedside manner. My current OB/GYN, Dr. Stacy Charnes, who works with Dr. Kanarek is good too--she just has a chillier bedside manner that takes some getting used to!

  3. I also was disappointed when i was told at Dr. Robert's office that Dr. Gilbert was not practicing any longer. I found that hard to believe, so I continued to search for her!! Thank goodness I found her!! She IS still practicing, currently has an office in Franklin Square, but will be moving back to Great Neck within the next month. She also is still delivering at Northshore Long Island Jewis medical center (where she will soon be delivering my little boy!!-I'm SO excited!) I LOVE Dr. Gilbert, she is a WONDERFUL Doctor with a great bedside manner! I'm SO glad I didn't believe Dr. Robert's office-it's a SHAME they were forced to tell patients such a lie :( I hope Dr. Gilbert's patients read this post & return to her practice! (btw-her # is 516-233-2882)