Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where have I been? And, Product Review Revisited: Motherhood Maternity's Tummy Sleeve

Yikes, where have I been ? I’ve actually been moving from North to South Queens and, what with a baby on the way and poor hubby having to do all the heavy moving and (the horror) unpacking, we’re just starting to see the ground underneath all the boxes in our new place!

But now, back to your regularly scheduled Queens Mama:

Despite the previous post, I never did quite get around to getting the Bella Band and, you know what, I’m glad I didn’t. Despite unraveling a bit, my Motherhood Tummy Sleeves have held up and I’m still using them to hold up the few non-maternity pants I still fit into at 4 months pregnant.

So, here's my final verdict: For those of us looking to save some money and extend the life of our non-maternity wardrobe, you can't go wrong with purchasing one or two Motherhood Tummy Sleeves at $17 each. Make sure to hand-wash them (or use the gentle cycle on your washer) if you don’t want them to unravel too much. And be careful with any jagged fingernails you may have if you don’t want the fabric to snag. But, in the end, these sleeves will serve you well and won’t break the bank while you’re waiting to fit into those maternity clothes of your dreams.

Next up on the review list: Baby Bargains--the mother's baby-product-buying-bible--and Motherhood Maternity cargo pants, my favorite new pants that make all of my non-pregnant friends jealous!


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