Friday, September 11, 2009

On Tony Bourdain's visit to Queens Restaurants

I am a big fan of the Travel Channel's "No Reservations" hosted by Tony Bourdain, but this past Sunday's episode which featured NYC's outer boroughs disappointed me so much!

Queens has so much more to offer than Asian cuisine in Flushing! By visiting only Golden Shopping Mall, Sik Gaek, and the canteen at Ganesh Temple, Tony not only insults the other cultures in what is America's most diverse neighborhoods, but is missing out on some of the best food in New York!

How can he ignore the great Greek restaurants of Astoria? The Arabic restaurants on Steinway and Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights (Really? He skipped over Jackson Heights and went to a temple basement in Flushing?) What about the German, Italian, Polish, Croatian, Spanish, Serbian, American, Mexican.... need I list them all?

He similarly neglected great cuisine in Staten Island, the Bronx (He went to one place!) and Brooklyn (Why would he pick a dim sum place? You can get that anywhere.)

I propose Tony Bourdain calls a Mulligan and produces new episodes, an entire hour for each borough--nothing else will do. And, as a pregnant woman whose expertise in food comes from her life revolving around it at the moment, I suggest he includes these Queens wonders, for starters:

Sunswick 35/35 (Astoria)

Zum Stammtisch (Glendale)
Ice King of Corona (Corona)
Jour et Nuit (Astoria)
Jackson Diner (Jackson Heights)
El-Rawsheh (Astoria)

I could go on and on about each of these places and others, but that's fodder for individual posts! Oh, but you just wait until I reveal their deliciousness to you (and to Tony Bourdain). We Queens mamas are lucky to have such a wonderful variety of great food nearby, regardless of what television programs imply!


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