Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Product Review: Pea in a Pod Sleeveless Babydoll Cocktail Dress

Sleeveless Babydoll Maternity Dress

I've finally found it: the perfect maternity cocktail dress! Sure, at $128 its a little bit more than what I wanted to spend on maternity clothes, but it is so cute and versatile that it'll be worth the dough. I plan to wear it to a fall wedding, a 50th birthday party, my shower, and even to work.

The dress is made out of a silk chiffon fabric, which I like so much better than the unforgiving and cheapish feeling poly/spandex that so many maternity dresses are made of. Seriously, why aren't more maternity dresses made out of real fabrics? I think some designers mistake the temporary nature of maternity clothing for it being disposable. Just because we're pregnant doesn't mean we want to look like we've lost all fashion sense.

In any case, I love this dress because it can be dressed up with jewelry and heels or dressed down with a work-friendly sweater. Its also sophisticated and pretty without revealing a lot up top or on bottom, and yet, it isn't overly long and dowdy (again, being pregnant doesn't automatically make you a sucker for mumus.)

For Queens Mamas, you can order this dress online HERE or pop into Destination Maternity or Macy's in Manhattan or Macy's in Manhassett (unfortunately, there aren't Pea in a Pod retailers in Queens proper).

FYI: The dress' attached slip is tighter than the fabric overlay. I had to purchase a size Large as I'm entering the third trimester of my pregnancy and I only had a bit more room left in the Medium's slip. If you're smaller up top, though, you might want to purchase the Medium and have a tailor work his magic on the slip!


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