Monday, October 12, 2009

Store Review Part Deux: Woodbury Common

Mamas, Woodbury Common was a nightmare yesterday! The grounds were crowded, there were wars over the seats in the food court, there were 40-min-long lines to get into the top stores (Coach, Ugg, Burberry, etc.) and it took us almost 2 hours to get out of the parking lot due to poor (meaning "no") traffic control.

If you are pregnant or have small children, you are really going to want to stay away from Woodbury on a holiday or other high-volume shopping weekend. I ended up really nauseous by the time I got home because I had been unable to eat anything other than a corn dog, bratwurst, and french fries on the go the entire trip. (It would have been smart of me to bring snacks, but hindsight is 20/20 of course.)

People are also just ridiculously rude--New York City morning subway rush rude--on sale days at Woodbury. They push you, don't watch their children who run smack into you, let doors slam in your face/on your stroller, and, worst of all, a woman came up to a friend of ours and her baby and complained that she shouldn't have her child out amongst the germs. Seriously? We're already cranky, lady. Don't make us crankier.

Also, if you have a small child, you are going to want to bring all of their weather gear. It seems like the outlets are in a vortex and the wind was really rough on our friends 3-mo-old.

Despite all of this nonsense, and the fact that I didn't buy anything because the stores were too full, it was great to see my cousins. I'll probably even venture to Woodbury again, but next time I'll bring snacks and a winter coat (it was so chilly), will park right near the exit, and will go on a weekday!


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