Friday, October 9, 2009

Store Review: Woodbury Common Outlets in Central Valley has no Maternity!

The Woodbury Common Outlet Center in Central Valley is a nice day trip at just under an hour and a half driving from south Queens. You can usually find some great deals at stores from the Gap to Coach, but apparently none of the stores at Woodbury carry maternity clothing!

Ugh, I'm headed there this Sunday with cousins and I really wanted to buy a pair of leggings for fall layering (a necessity to extend the life of your summer dresses) and some pantyhose for the wedding I'm going to next week. I'm certain to have fun browsing through purses, shoes and housewares, but I'm just kind of bummed I won't be able to get my stockings--and no way am I squeezing into non-maternity hose!

Sigh. Just a heads-up for you mamas heading up to Woodbury. You'll be able to get some cute accessories--and maybe even purchase some larger sizes or some empire-waisted styles to supplement your wardrobe--but you won't be able to buy anything specifically made for maternity.


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