Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Review: A Dog's Purpose

A Dog's Purpose
Forge Books; Hardcover;
July 2010; $10.49 on
Amazon or free at your
locat library! 
If you have ever loved a dog, you must read New York Times bestseller, A DOG'S PURPOSE by W. Bruce Cameron. Written from the point of view of a dog who continues to be reborn until he finds his true life's purpose, this novel is so amazingly touching and witty--I laughed and cried the whole novel through.

Really, how lucky are humans that such a pet exists, one who lives just to make us happy and hear "good dog" from our lips? I put down this book with a new appreciation for every past and present canine in my life--and I made a promise to treat those around today with more patience and understanding. (After all, like the dog in the book, they truly don't understand why we leave to go to that thing we call "work" and why the delicious smelling "garbage" is off limits!)

And, just in case you're wondering if a book written from the point of view of a dog is juvenile or annoying, I must answer with a vehement "NO!" There are so many beautiful passages in A DOG'S PURPOSE, from the peaceful way the dog accepts each death, to his yearning for one special owner who he remembers and misses even as he lives other lives. And the innocent way the canine protagonist talks about cats, that peculiar "wrestling game" male and female dogs play, and more will make you laugh out loud.

Read this gorgeous book--it is one of those rare ones you'll carry with you in your heart and talk to all of your friends about! There's a website for the book HERE if you'd like to learn more. (You'll see that there is a rave review from Temple Grandin!)

**Disclosure: I received this book from a colleague at publisher Forge Books. I worked at Forge years ago, but the opinions in this review are by no means swayed by that fact. You'll realize this once you read the book!**


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