Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in

I have been so terribly bad about eating healthy and getting back into shape after having Andrew, so I've decided to punish myself with "Wednesday Weigh-in" posts. Sorry if it seems that I'm punishing you all as well, my blogger friends!

I should have listened to my OB/GYN and only gained 30-35 lbs when I was pregnant with Andrew. 40 lbs actually came off like a breeze after birth and breastfeeding. But, now I'm stuck with the extra 10 I gained and I've only got my bad eating and exercising habits to blame. My husband and I have had way too many trips to fast food joints recently and my exercise schedule is...  well, its non-existent. I mean, I totally did buy Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred like 4 months ago, but never even put it in the dvd player!

So, this week has started with me tracking my calories on (try it out--it is free and there are message boards and friends ala Facebook) and ordering hand weights so that I can start the Shred tomorrow. Please send lots of luck, willpower, and continued 2-hr morning naps for Andrew my way!

Here are the starting stats so that I am accountable (and embarrassed):

Current Weight: 144.2
Mini Goal Weight: 135 - pre-pregnancy weight [9.2 lbs to go!]
Ultimate Goal Weight: 122 lbs - wedding weight [22.2 lbs to go!]

Oh how I loved my wedding weight! What a dream it would be to fit back into my size 6 Abercrombie and Fitch jeans which the snotty 16-year-old salesgirl didn't even think I'd fit into (I brought them to her at the checkout counter BEAMING.)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. happy wed. btw, a few of us NYC area mom bloggers are meeting up at the Bronx zoo on tuesday oct 5th. you are welcome to join in. for more info!