Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shame on you, Martha. Your bath towels suck (or, rather, don't)

Martha Stewart Collection "Low-Twist" Bath Towel, 30" x 56" Kiwi
Another benefit of moving to the "country" is that we can finally break out some of the wedding gifts that have been collecting dust in my mother's hall closet for 3 years! One gift that I was particularly excited to try out were our new Martha Stewart Collection bath towels. I've mentioned before how I love Martha and her website, so you can imagine I was expecting super-soft, absorbent heaven in my bathroom thanks to her. 

Well, what a disappointment! These towels look plush and absorbent, but they don't do a good job of drying at all. While soft, they seem to just push the moisture around your body rather than soaking it up (you'd be better off air-drying). And, stupid me, I registered for the "midnight blue" towels--and boy do they shed! Even after three months of use, washing and drying they shed in the dryer, they shed on our skin, and don't even talk to me about the blue coating on my white-tiled bathroom floors. 

Shame on you, Martha! The same exact towels are still for sale at Macy's and there are quite a few reviews on the website from this year bemoaning the towels' low-absorbency and tendency to shed, so I'm not optimistic that these towels have had a redesign. But somebody better call the big lady in charge! How can she enjoy her luscious gardens and beloved Chow Chows when consumers are suffering with wet behinds somewhere?? 

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