Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strap Ease Bra Clips Really Work!

TV Trends Strap Ease Bra Clips Set of SixMy mom is awesome in many, many ways--and one of them is that she buys As Seen on TV products that I want but never actually get the nerve to buy. Sure, over the years this has led to her having a room full of fitness equipment that is rarely used, but there are also the rare winners that she generously share with me.

Such is the case with Strap Ease Bra Clips. This product really works! Strap Ease is just a two-inch piece of plastic which simply and cleverly pulls your regular bra straps into racerback position. At $5 for a set of 6 assorted color clips on Amazon it definitely beats buying a racerback bra or tying your straps together with a hair tie!

The product is easy to use, comfortable wear, and invisible under most clothing (unless it is skin tight, of course). You get the added bonus of some extra cleavage if you do not loosen your straps too much. And I imagine they can also be used with bathing suits whose straps are a bit too loose.

What more can I say but that I wouldn't have been able to wear some great new tops I bought from Kohl's recently if my mother didn't have Strap Ease Bra Clips laying around. With all that's going on around the house these days--and me trying to save money--I know I would have never gone out to buy a racerback bra I would hardly ever use. Therefore a big THANK YOU to my mom and to Strap Ease. Love you both!

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  1. I have strap-perfect ones - same basic thing, but more expensive. Because of course I just bought whatever they had at Walgreens.

    I had troubles getting them tight enough, but once I finally got my shit adjusted it was good all night! :)