Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Cat Named Finn

I haven't mentioned yet that we adopted a little kitten a couple weeks ago from Hi-Tor Animal Care Center. We named our 4-month-old ball of terror Finbar (Finn for short) and he is causing quite the stir in our little family. He is ridiculously energetic which means Andrew and he are perfectly matched for play--except that Andrew has the strength of a million babies and often threatens to whack, suffocate or crush Finn and Finn has razor sharp teeth and claws that he bares indiscriminately.

Aww, look at Finn in this picture! He is so stinking adorable. We just didn't realize how much work a tiny kitten would be! We thought that cats pretty much take care of themselves, and we were wrong--small kittens want your constant attention just like human babies, and will trip, scratch and bite the hell out of you if you don't keep a spray bottle ready.

That said, we are smitten with Finn and Andrew is often brought to hysterics by his antics so this "kitten-period" is well worth it (we just hope its just a very short period...) I will be sure to post pet-related product review now that I need to learn by trial and error the best ways to tame the beast and his poop.

If you're interested in adopting a kitten from Hi-Tor, they've got an adopt one kitten get one free promotion going on this summer. The adoption fee is a hefty $145 but it includes spay/neuter, shots, and a free local vet visit. They didn't require an interview or any references when we went, so we were able to walk out the same day with a cat, but I'm not sure if that is a good thing! (Although in NYC they almost require a urine sample for you to adopt!)

They've also got dogs, small animals, adult cats, and the occasional barn animal (rooster, anyone?) to love. Check them out!