Monday, August 15, 2011

That's More Like It! Hefty 55 Qt D Style Touch Lid Wastebasket

You'll probably recall my hate letter to my Simple Human Round Trashcan. While sleek looking and metal, it was so small as to be useless and was constantly leaving me with ripped trash bags and garbage on the kitchen floor (yuck!) Well, we finally got our asses in gear and bought another--albeit plastic--wastebasket and it is a winner!

We bought Hefty's 55 Quart "D" Style Touch Lid Wastebasket at a local Target (Spring Valley, NY) for about $17.00. The trash can is large enough for all of our kitchen trash and not once has my garbage bag become lodged within it or shred into a million  pieces. It looks great in the black color we purchased--because white gets dirty so easily--and the touch lid is wonderful. This is a push button lid which needs to be manually closed, which I actually prefer over the step trashcans because you can leave the lid open for big jobs.

The cons are that, if your husband is like mine and shoves garbage in the can until it is brimming, you will need stretchy trash bags such as the ForceFlex bags so that the bags do not slip down into the wastebasket. Also, as mentioned, this is a plastic wastebasket so it will retain some odors from particularly stinky garbage. I've found that the odors actually dissipate fairly quickly, but I still like to spray inside the can with Lysol between the stinky bag changes.

Hefty 13.5-gal Touch Lid Wastebasket WhiteOh, and I can't seem to find the "D' Style Wastebasket anywhere online anymore except at Walmart ($16 in White HERE). It seems that the similar Hefty 13.5-gal Touch Lid Wastebasket has taken its place ($14.97 at Walmart in black and white HERE.)

I'm really floored that these inexpensive trash cans have the stupidly expensive Simple Human models beat. Serves me right to get all fancy when all we had to do was visit a local store and trust a brand who really knows their garbage (er, stuff)!


  1. Glad you found a good alternative!

    Hey, so if you get tired of this one or something I wanted to recommend the trash can I have - seems silly but whatever here we go!

    It has a built in locky thing - Oliver has yet to figure it out... either that or he quit trying because c'mon it's just GARBAGE, that's no fun, MOM. <3

  2. Man, I totally need a locking garbage! Although, I am trying to train Andrew to throw things away... unlike his father who, well, doesn't! :)