Friday, June 10, 2011

Dear Trash Can, I hate you.

simplehuman Step Trash Can, Round, Fingerprint-Proof, 8 Gallons, Stainless Steel
The offender:
8-gallon round
Dear Simplehuman Round Trash Can

I hate you. You do not make my life simple at all. Why do I have to spend time I don't have tucking my garbage bag into some weird wire contraption just to hold it inside of you (who cares if the garbage bag shows outside of the can?) And why, oh why, oh why, can I not get the fill garbage bag out of you in one piece? I pull and I pull and the bag slowly inches out, ripping in a million spots. Then, I need to put the ripped trash bag into another bag and change my soiled clothes and wash the floor. Did I mention that I hate you yet? 

Were you created to make life simple or is it that very simple humans created you? For $40ish dollars (at Target), I expected more! Now I just have agita and the need to buy another can.  

I am not a fan,


  1. Lol, this is why we got a cheap (16-gallon??) trash can for like $15. It holds quite a lot and the bag holders are easy to put the bag on. Only gripe, and this is gonna be with all trash cans, a full bag is NOT gonna come quietly. Fortunately though, I've only ever had the handle either snap or the bag rip slightly at the top. Sucks though because we needed to use another bag for when the actual bag ripped. All-in-all, I would never spend the amount of money on a trash can that SimpleHuman makes. They have ones that go up to $200+ (this thing senses your movement and crap and opens on it's own!!). Ridiculousness XD


  2. Wow dude. This sounds awful! The one thing a garbage can should do is keep garbage contained... !

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