Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mickey Mouse Flip Open Sofa Bed Review (My 200th Post!)

Disney Mickey Mouse Flip Open Slumber Sofa
Hot dog!
This is officially my 200th post! It would have come sooner if my poor little one wasn't so sick with a cough and cold this week, Please send some healing vibes his way!

Last week, we finally went ahead and got our little guy a little flip open sofa bed (ok, my mom went out and got it for him.) They are kind of expensive ($45 at BRU; $35-$50 at Walmart), so I tried for awhile to resist or find alternatives to buying it. But he is just too small to get into any of the kids chairs that were handed down to us--and his grandma couldn't resist making him smile with this toddler-friendly Mickey Mouse couch.

Honestly, this sofa makes all of us smile! Andrew loves to just chill out in it with a drink and a snack. He's even been napping in it while he's sick so I can be close by when he chokes on flegm (poor baby!) Last week his friend used it as an impromptu napping spot as well and he and said friend then sat in it together for some best buddy time in front of the TV today. Very. Fricken. Cute.

When folded up like a seat, the sofa is about 6 inches from the ground and easy for a small munchkin like Andrew to get in and out of. The low height and soft foam chair material also prevent any high altitude chair tip overs (and resulting tears).

Flipped out, it has enough napping space for him to spare--and it comes complete with a Mickey blanket that zips to the foot of the bed creating a sleeping bag effect. Thankfully, the blanket and the entire sofa cover zip off for machine washing, so don't flip out (sorry, a pun) if your little one spills juice all over it.

The only drawbacks? The fabric on the underside of the blanket is a bit scratchy, so you won't necessarily want to drape it over baby's bare legs. Also, while the manufacture states that the couch will seat 2 children up to age 6, I'm not certain they will actually fit--although I've laid down with Andrew in the bed and felt just fine and cozy!


  1. Congrats on your 200th post! These little couches are a lifesaver!! :)
    Hoping Andrew feels better soon! You should try some warm tea, not hot. idk if you've tried honey with him yet but that could help loosen up the phlegm too.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the follow! Following you back on GFC! I got one of those couches for my two boys and loved it! It did actually fit BOTH of them when they were little, a great investment! Have a great weekend!!

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