Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad Idea: Crayola TaDoodles Markers for Toddlers

Crayola 3ct. Washable First Marks Red, Green, Brown
$6.64 @ Amazon
You know when you think something is a good idea but all it does is makes a big ole mess of things? Well, that's how I'd describe Crayola's TaDoodles First Marks for toddlers 18m+. These little egg-shaped animal markers are adorable and they seem like such an ingenious product--no marker caps to lose or have your little one choke on. Plus, they never dry out. But what seems to be a positive turns out to be a big negative.

These markers never dry out because the ink is the consistency of runny wet paint. It will get EVERYWHERE and is not really as easy as you would think to wash off skin. My little guy even tries to DRINK from these markers, which turns his mouth red, green or brown until I can scrub hard at him with a washcloth. But they're so darn cute that he screams when I take them away or when he glimpses them from afar (darn you little egg animals!) 

My solution? These babies are going in the trash so their cuteness won't fool me or my baby again! I plan to stick to good ole crayons until Andrew understands the concept of markers a bit better. I'll let you know when/if I find a set of crayons that he can't stick up his nose!   

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  1. LOL nice spam.

    Also: Crayola makes crayons that come in those chubby little dude holder things. I know because I have them, and of COURSE Oliver hates them. He wants regular fatty crayons or nothing at all!

    Dang opinionated toddlers, amiright?