Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby #2 Due May 2! (A baby pool & giveaway too!)

We're having another baby this spring, due on May 2nd (a couple days after my 30th birthday no less) and we're super excited! So, pretty please forgive me for not posting frequently this past month or two--the first trimester is kicking my butt this second time around. Nausea, aversion to most smells, aches and pains, exhaustion, you name it. But, really, who wouldn't suffer through it all gladly when the outcome is an adorable, miracle of a baby?

I can't wait for Andrew to have a sibling, and, at the same time, I'm certainly scared of how things will change when there are two babies in the household. But, there are so many others before me who have done it before and survived (Heeellooooo, 19 Kids and Counting! No, seriously, I will not have 19 kids...)

Be on the lookout for reviews of new baby products (I'm gonna get me a Mamaroo!), Rockland OB/GYNs, and more, and also for my search for awesome double stroller (wow, a double stroller.) Its gonna be fun! 

Also, to make things fun, enter my baby gender and birthday pool! The person closest to the correct answer this Spring will win a set of 3 handmade soap bars from my favorite Ukrainian mall kiosk and online store Craft-o-Land. I am obsessed with their soap bars and even my super-sensitive nose still loves them. Hooray! 


  1. Congratulations! Mommy has had a few experiences with various ob-gyns in Rockland, so feel free to email for advice... Also, if you're interested in babywearing, she's love to do a consultation with you :) {}

  2. what a fun post!!! And CONGRATULATIONS to one pregnant lady to another!! I tell you..I am so happy to be part of the club:)

  3. You guys are so great! Cole, I definitely will shoot you an email! :)