Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birth Preparation Classes at Long Island Jewish Hospital

So, I really need to get on the ball and register for a birth preparation class! I'm 21 weeks pregnant on Friday and I really wasn't thinking about signing up for a class until my first appointment with Dr. Charnes a couple weeks ago. My previous doctor didn't even talk about childbirth classes (see below posts for my previous doctor horror story), but Dr. Charnes actually gave me the class registration form at my appointment!

If you need to sign up for classes at Long Island Jewish, you can also visit their website HERE. Clicking on "register" on the right-hand side will bring up a form for you to print and fill out.

I really am looking forward to the classes and the hospital tour! With the baby kicking up a storm now, my stomach getting bigger, and classes in the near future, everything is becoming more of a reality. My husband even said yesterday "I want to sign up for a class to be a good dad." I don't think he'll need to be taught that, but it is incredibly sweet of him to think of it. :)


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