Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My First Appt with Dr. Stacey Charnes in Forest Hills

I am so extremely pleased after my first appointment with Dr. Stacey Charnes! She was thorough and kind and I found her office staff to be stellar. Unlike my former OB/GYN in Manhattan, Dr. Charnes made sure I was up to date on all my bloodwork and ultrasounds, had me fill out a form to preregister at Long Island Jewish Hospital, and gave me the right due date (apparently my previous doctor had miscalculated by a week!) Dr. Charnes' staff also provided me with information on birth classes and cord blood banking. I left the office with a folder of information--and how very nice it was to finally feel informed!

If you search the internet, you might find some reviews of Dr. Charnes which say she has poor bedside manner. While I didn't experience this with her at all, if you are looking for a doctor who is more c'est la vie about the birth process (meaning, they don't put too much stock in food/drink restrictions, they calm your concerns with lots of "don't worries" rather than facts, etc.), she may not be the doctor for you. While I don't think I will follow all of the food restrictions, I feel most at ease when I am well-informed, so Dr. Charnes feels like a great match.

I'll of course update you if she ever forgets what she is talking about mid-sentence or leaves a tourniquet on my arm for ten minutes because she forgot where the needles are (like my old doctor did multiple times!)


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