Monday, April 12, 2010

Product Review: Old Navy Nursing Tanks

UPDATE: Well, after numerous wears and washes, I need to take back my mostly positive review of this tank top. At this point, by the end of the day, the scoop neck of this top stretches down to my stomach! I can't wear this shirt in public anymore, so it has been downgraded to weekend, lounge-around-the-house wear. Bah!

After buying maternity clothing, I really didn't want to spend money on a whole new breastfeeding wardrobe as well... but the fact is, I am finding it absolutely necessary to buy at least a few pieces! Contrary to what I had hoped, I have only so many button-down shirts that fit my new breastfeeding body (read: humongous boobs) and I'm getting tired of wearing tanks under shirts that need to be pulled up. So... off to I went!

Old Navy's selection for nursing clothes is REALLY slim, but I did pick up two of their jersey nursing tanks, which I'm happy with. The pink color on the right is one of three colors offered at $12.50. I also picked up a muted blue color for $14.50.

The good: I feel like a human being in this shirt. Its long length covers and slims the parts of me I'm not so happy with post-baby and the layered top is stylish rather than screaming "I breastfeed!" I wear this tank with a hip-skimming jacket, a long necklace and sunglasses and feel like a celebrity mom... without the money, makeup artist and personal trainer of course!

The bad: Like all nursing tops, the tank gets stretched out as the day goes on. My current nursing bras (Leading Lady) are full coverage, so they peek out just a bit at the neckline if my shirt shifts late in the day. A quick readjustment, though--or a sexier nursing bra--and all is well.

The reviews on ON's website lament that the shirt is too long (I disagree) and sized too large (I agree), so go ahead and order a size smaller.

Happy shopping and happy spring!


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