Saturday, April 17, 2010

Revised Product Review: New Pampers Swaddlers with Dry Max

I've been updating and revising my Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max review as the days go by. I've been having some annoying leaks and the baby is getting a mild diaper rash, so I'm not as happy about the diapers as I was a few days ago. Check out the review with my edits HERE or just scroll down to the previous post.

What a pain in the butt!!


  1. Hey I just read your edits, and I think we're done with pampers. Swaddlers did fit Ollie best, but huggies fit him ok too. AND I won a cloth diaper giveaway on another blog ( - check her out!) so I'll get to try Thirsties soon! I have heard of g-diapers, and I think they're similar. I'll let you know when we try them!

  2. Thanks, Sara! I cannot wait to hear what you think of Thirsties and g-diapers. We really need to find a new brand now!

  3. Also, check out Gro baby hybrids... I've heard good things!

  4. Thanks for the review hun:)

    Miss seeing you at CS:)