Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Best Bath Crayon You'll Ever Want to Steal from Your Kid

Star Crayon in the Tub
$6.99 - Alex Rub a Dub Star Crayon
We've only got a shower and in the pursuit of expediency and not stinking, I bring the little guy in with me each morning. At first, the novelty of the shower was enough to keep him occupied, but then he started getting bored and trying to escape. Once he discovered the door opened, nothing--not duckies, not foam letters, not toy trucks--was going to keep him in. Until I remembered they made bath crayons!

We've tried a bunch of bath crayons and the Alex Star Crayon is hands-down our favorite. Its palm-size star shape is super easy for Andrew (20 months old now) to hold and saves me from having to pick up a million tiny bath crayons. It writes wonderfully and brightly on our smooth tile walls and textured shower floor. And clean up is a breeze with a sponge or washcloth. (Skip Alex's traditional Draw In The Tub Crayons--they don't write as well and aren't good for smaller children.)

We have so much fun drawing with this crayon in the shower that Andrew wants to stay in longer--and I get to actually wash my hair! I also like to leave my husband notes on the shower wall like "I love your" or "I'll kill you the next time you leave the toilet seat up."

My only gripes: the crayon heads can wear down quickly when you have a toddler grinding them into a textured shower floor and the $6.99 replacements can burn a hole in your pocket quickly. Regardless, we'll be keeping these crayons in stock at the Rockland Mother residence--how else will I get to shave my legs??


  1. Fancy!

    So the replacement crayons are $6.99, same price as a whole new one? That's kinda bogus.

  2. Haha--I meant replacement as a whole new one. Wouldn't that be awesome if they did make an actual replacement that you could put into the star holder though.... genius money making idea in the works, Sara?? :)