Sunday, September 18, 2011

Personal Trimmer Fail at The Adult Toy Shoppe

I think that all bloggers feel pretty much the same when it comes to receiving products for review: we're really so grateful for the opportunity and we really hope we'll like the product so that we can write a positive review. No one is happy to write a bad review when folks have been so generous as to send them a product, but we must write the truth. 
The folks at Adult Toy Shoppe have been generous to send me a couple products to review over the past few months--and this is one of those occasions where I feel bad about writing a bad review. They recently sent me their His and Her Personal Trimmer to try out, and, sadly it was a dud. 
Personal TrimmerI was really hoping it would work. I don't have much time to go to a salon for a wax and, after a few incidents, I'm getting more and more afraid of getting anywhere close to my lady bits with a razor. But, this trimmer is not anywhere near a solution for me. Both of its two shaving heads didn't work properly for me--the large shaving head (pictured) didn't shave at all and the smaller shaving head (small like a nose trimmer) worked when pushed directly onto one hair, but didn't shave close to the skin. And, really, who wants razor sharp stubble down there?  
So, I'm back to looking for an at-home solution that does not involve dangerous blade-wielding or 2nd-degree-burn-inducing hot wax. Any suggestions? 


  1. Try the shchick intuition, its a reg razor with moisturizer around the whole blade.


  2. aw man... I was amped when I saw "Adult Toy Shoppe"

    honestly? I use a men's razor. more blades = smoother finish for me. :)