Thursday, September 8, 2011

Make'em Jealous of your Address Labels (plus 10% discount code)

Lacey Personalized Round Stickers
Lacey; 50 for $21
I am seriously coveting the circular personalized address labels over at Fun and Sassy Designs. How cute would they look slapped on the back of your next birthday invitation, thank you note, or Christmas /holiday card? I stumbled upon the Fun and Sassy website because Mama Bargains has a selection of their circular Halloween labels priced at 50% off today ($4.25 for 20). But, I'm really more in the market for everyday labels and Christmas labels, like these here beauties.

Pinkwheel Personalized Round Stickers
Pinkwheel; 50 for $21
Fun and Sassy also has a slew of other items if you're not into the circular, from traditional labels, to cards and gift tags too. There's free shipping on orders over $50 and you can currently get a 10% discount with code 2KL4SKL. Also, for a limited time, all orders of over 60 address labels will be doubled for free. Awesome.

Shop on, friends!


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