Friday, May 28, 2010

Check Out Queens Mama's Redesign!

Today I reached my 100th post, so I rewarded myself with a great little blog layout from Delicious Design Studio! What do you think of it? I love the tiny neighborhood theme as Queens, while part of a huge city, is filled with many different neighborhoods with their own personality and small-town appeal.

Adding the pre-made layout to blogger was super simple with Delicious Design Studio's video instructions and it didn't cost much at all either (just $20!) The studio also creates custom blog layouts if you're interested. Just pop on over to their site and send them an email with your requirements. 

I hope the redesign is as easy on your eyes as it is on mine! I'm pretty much in love. <3

Oh, and I found out about Delicious Design Studio through a super cute blog called Miss Cupcake. She uses a layout called "Powered by Cupcakes" and it is just adorable. Her blog is pretty awesome too (just recently she posted pics from the 2010 Sweets and Snacks Expo). Check it out!


  1. Hi there! Stopping by from the blog hop and following you now! Stop by and visit!

    Dawn (formerly from Queens myself!)

  2. Following you already, thank you for stopping by. I post everyday and have Tutorials, come say hi when you can :)

  3. I love it! I liked the other one as well but this one is my fav!!! Oh and you know since you entered more than one giveaway they count as another entry. So just go to the giveaway and leave a comment saying I entered (which ever ) giveaway and so on if you enter 2 giveaways then they are two extra entries on another giveaway! Just don't want you to miss out on the extra entries!!!



  4. Thanks to all of you! And, Glenda, I'll be sure to enter those extra entries on your giveaways! You have the most amazing giveaways going on. :)

  5. Nice! Pretty in pink here! Messing around with my blog design is like an addiction for me! When I'm not on my phone I have to remember to grab your new button. Which reminds me, I updated mine, so that's why you have that big ugly broken link thing in your button scrolly gadget do-hicky. Sorry!

    Again, love the pretty new look!

  6. Sara, I was just going to ask you about the button! :)