Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Review: Baby Touch and Feel Animals

Animals (Baby Touch and Feel)
DK's Baby Touch and Feel ANIMALS was the first book Andrew ever received. My husband picked it up when we first found out we were expecting because of the bunnies on the cover. Of course, they don't look like our (increasingly evil) bunny, Cricket, but we've come to develop a soft spot for anything with a cotton tail and huge ears.


Exhibit A: Cricket before she grew into a electrical cord/clothing/wall-eating machine. 

Where was I? Ah yes...

After initally awwwing over the book, I placed it on Andrew's shelf and forgot about it. I've been relying on books with rhymes and more text for the baby's bedtime routine (namely Dr. Suess), so ANIMALS literally got shelved. Andrew didn't really even begin reaching for objects until 3 months anyway, so a touchy-feely book was of no interest to him.

Today, however, I spied it sitting there and decided to give it a go. And what a hit it was! The mix of furry and shiny pictures of baby animals got him touching and "talking" up a storm. I should have expected this of my genius little guy, who thinks that sunlight on our fake leather couch is the coolest thing ever. :)

So, thumbs up to DK's ANIMALS! At $5.99 it does seem a bit expensive for a little board book with, like, 10 words in it, but it probably costs close to that amount of money to produce all the fun effects. 

DK also makes a bunch more Baby Touch and Feel books, which I'm tempted to buy to keep Andrew occupied and, of course, learning. Among my favorites:

First Words (Baby Touch and Feel)Farm (Baby Touch and Feel)Trucks (Baby Touch and Feel)Bedtime (Baby Touch and Feel)

Too cute! And a great gift idea.


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