Saturday, May 29, 2010

Website Review: 4Moms

I'm a big fan of web communities that let parents try out new items, share their opinions, and influence the creation of new and improved products. 4Moms, then, is a website is a website after my heart. (Especially with that whole trying out products part!)

4Moms is actually a company created by--go figure--two men back in 2005. They wanted to come up with ideas for innovative new products and brought together a focus group of four mothers to help out. What blossomed is a company which offers a handful of cool baby products that you may have seen in stores, such as the Cleanwater Infant Tub and the Goodnight Sleep Trainer.

I joined the 4Moms Insider group online just as they revamped their site into a community that offers giveaways, product testing, opportunities to earn points for product discounts, and more. While I missed the testing period of their awesome mamaRoo Infant Seat (which has 5 motions meant to mimic a car ride, a kangaroo, a tree swing, a rocking mom, and an ocean wave) I did get to enter to win one (didn't win, sadly).

4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat, Orange

You can bet, though, that I am on the 4Moms website every day, entering to win products, working to earn points toward a product discount, and waiting for the next item up for testing--the amazing Origami stroller with power-fold and digital dashboard (are we in mommy dreamland??) I am literally in lust with this stroller from outer space!

So, get thee to 4Moms online and get in on the action. Just, remember, I want dibs on an Origami!


  1. The Origami stroller is great! I think I would be much more motivated to walk with LO if it told me how far I was going

  2. Hey there, That Origami stroller is amazing! Much better than the Graco that I have to muscle around!

    Following you from FF - hope that you will follow me, too!

    xo Erin

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    Mama Hen