Saturday, May 22, 2010

Product Review: ShadyBaby Stroller Parasol

ShadyBaby Sock Monkey Stroller Parasol, SPF 50+ Stroller Umbrella - 24" DiameterShadyBaby Pink-Brown Polka Dots Stroller Parasol, SPF 50+ Stroller Umbrella - 24" Diameter

I looked everywhere for a stroller umbrella, so I assumed the ShadyBaby Stroller Parasol would be amazing when I ordered it off of Amazon. I hoped it would replace the makeshift receiving blanket sunshade I had to rig over my Chicco Keyfit 30 when using it in the Snap N Go (the carseat's sunshade is tiny). I didn't even think $21.97 was too much money for an SPF 50+ umbrella that would keep my fair redhead out of the sun.

You know what they say about assuming, though. And, if I've made an ass of you and me, then this parasol is one giant pain in it!

First, while the parasol has two bending points to ensure a good position over your baby, it took me forever to get it situated and then the slightest bump, turn, or gust of wind knocked the umbrella out of place. Imagine what a public nuisance I was stopping every few blocks on the sidewalk to readjust. Even Andrew was giving me the stink-eye!

I was also stopping to switch the clamp from one side of the stroller to the other when I changed directions or the sun shifted overhead. And, I was constantly opening and shutting the parasol when I went in and out of stores (not that neighborhood stores in Queens are stroller-friendly in the first place!) 

Also, while I was glad that the umbrella separates into two pieces for easy storage, the design is such that, when apart, the umbrella is two pointy metal rods waiting to impale you and your little one--or at least that is what my husband says! Seriously, though, this parasol must definitely be stored somewhere safe when not in use.

Sorry to put such a bad review out there, but the ShadyBaby Stroller Parasol really let me down when I badly needed it to work. If you beg to differ, though, please have a shot at defending the parasol's honor in the comments below. In the meanwhile, I'd recommend buying a sunshade instead for around the same price!

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