Friday, June 4, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food

With Love in Spoonfuls as my guide, I made up a pretty mean sweet potato puree for Andrew last night. Of course, I didn't follow the directions completely and ended up with a thick mush that needs milk added after it is thawed, but I think I did well for my first go-round! Most importantly, Andrew gobbled it up!

The finished product (frozen using my ice cube tray and not as glamorous looking as the cubes in the cookbook):

I'm pleased with the results and the modest savings. Four small sweet potatoes cost me 70 cents at my corner produce market (ah, Queens and your produce markets) and made about 20 servings--that's a savings of about $2 compared with the $1 Gerber double packs at the local Stop & Shop. Also, the frozen homemade food lasts longer (3 months) than the opened store-bought food.  

What have your experiences been with making your own baby purees? I'm definitely going to continue to do it, especially when we are eating a vegetable for dinner that Andrew can have. That, I think, is the key to getting the most benefit out of homemade baby purees.

That and following the recipes... or at least using cooking common sense, which I don't have!

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  1. I wish I would have made my son's baby food. Much better on the wallet.

    Thanks for visiting and following me. I'm now following you. :)