Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Product Review: Johnson's Disposable Nursing Pads

Johnson's Nursing Pads- 60 Ct

I use Johnson's Nursing Pads because, frankly, they're the cheaper of the two disposable pads offered in my neighborhood CVS! Around $8.00 for 60 pads (a month's supply) seems quite reasonable for nice disposable nursing pad such as these. They are really soft, hold a lot of leakage, and have an adhesive backing strip if you choose to stick them to your bra. (I tend not to stick them on, though, as they always pop off when I fold my bra down to nurse.)

There are, though, a few negatives: 1) the pads leave fuzz on your nipple which you have to wipe off before feeding baby (annoying) and tend to stick to wounded nipples (painful!) 2) They have a center indent meant to allow breathing room for sore nipples, but which actually makes the pad visible under certain clothing. And, 3) I keep thinking about how I could save myself a little money by just buying reusable pads!

When my current box of disposables runs out, I'm going to try out some super cute washable pads I just purchased from Etsy shop MyBellaBaby (I paid $5.50 for these 4 pads). They are made with flannel, fleece and cotton, so I'm betting they're comfortable, absorbant, and hopefully do not stick to or leave residue on the skin. They're machine washable too for those of you blessed with a washer/drier (like this Queens mama is not!)


I'll be sure to write a review of MyBellaBaby's nursing pads soon! I also purchased these amazingly adorable "soft little washies" from the store and can't wait to try and tell those as well ($7.95 for 5).


Oh my, have I started you on an Etsy shopping spree today? :)


  1. I've used these too, and found that I prefer Playtex, but only found them at Target. I don't have much leakage anymore though, so I pretty much just use them for nip coverage! Hope the washables work out for you!

  2. I have yet to have reusables work for me.
    I too use J&J because they are cheaper. I wish they had a bigger circumference. Sometimes my nursing tanks move around and I find myself un-protected.
    Overall though, they are a good product