Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nursing Pad Showdown! Johnson's, Medela, and Washable Pads by MyBellaBaby

You may recall that I had been using Johnson's disposable nursing pads (reviewed HERE) and was thinking of switching to washable pads to save some money. So, I ordered adorable rewashable pads from MyBellaBaby on Etsy to give rewashables a test drive.

The washables I bought are gorgeous, super soft, and easy to wash, but unfortunately they are not a good fit for me. The seaming around the edge of the pads gives them a hard outer border which did not lay flat against my body, making them super visible under my clothes. Sigh. I'm now looking for another use for the pads because they are beautiful (coasters, maybe?)

Medela Disposable Nursing Pads - 30 Ct Box
Before going back to using Johnson's disposables, a friend gave me a pair of Medela disposables to try. The Medela pads are super thin and discreet under clothing, which I liked a lot. They also have a larger circumference than Johnson's pads. The negative: they rustle like a crinkly diaper when touched and--to me at least--feel synthetic, not-so-soft, and sweaty. Also they cost more than Johnson's at my local CVS ($12.50 vs $8.00)

Johnson's Nursing Pads- 60 CtAnd so, I'm back to using Johnson's disposable nursing pads and I have a new appreciation for how soft, countoured, and cheap they are. I just wish they didn't have that darn nipple indent that pokes out of thinner shirts!

I think I'll head over to Johnson's website now and send them some friendly input. Couldn't hurt, right? Here's to the production of a nursing pad that doesn't make your girls stand out (literally!)


  1. LOL!!!just send that feedback mail gurl...

  2. I never used those. My milk never came in. But I have heard good things about the washables. Maybe try a different kind? I dunno. Too bad the Johnson's give you that "cold" effect. Sounds like it might be worth it though. Good luck with the email! :)