Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Product Review Revisited: Leading Lady Molded Stretch Pad Nursing Bra

Leading Lady Molded Stretch Pad Nursing Bra 410

You might remember my glowing review of the Leading Lady Molded Stretch Pad Nursing Bra. I still love this bra for its fit and value, and wear them almost exclusively, but I've just noticed that one of mine is falling apart. Despair!

I guess you could expect this from a $20-ish bra that I have been throwing into a laundromat washer and drier, but I was still sad to see the front of one bra cup separating from the molded pad beneath after 4 months of (heavy-duty) wear. Then again, most bras do fall apart over time--even the fancy $40+ ones from Victoria's Secret that I wore before Andrew commandeered my boobs. So, I'm glad that I didn't spend much on these and can actually afford buying a replacement.

I guess there's a lot of bra hand-washing in my future. One more bra will not be murdered by my laziness!

3/10/13 UPDATE: I've purchased and am wearing a bunch more of these while breastfeeding my second child and--while they are still the most normal looking nursing bra I've found--I've noticed they are prone to having the underwire pop out at the center of the bra as well! No, I haven't been handwashing the bras as promised above. But it seems handwashing really is a must with these. 


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