Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Product Review: Fisher-Price Lil Laugh n' Learn Jumperoo

Hello! Sorry for the long gap between posts. We had family in town for Andrew's christening this past weekend. Since I was the only dodo who unwittingly chose a Father's Day christening date at my church, we ended up with a beautiful private ceremony.  It brought me to tears! (Luckily, there were no tears from Andrew--he slept through the entire thing!)

Another beautiful thing about this weekend is that we brought Andrew's Fisher-Price Lil Laugh n' Learn jumperoo back from storage (aka my parents' house.) This thing is a life-saver now that Andrew is not happy reclining in his bouncy seat or staying put on his playmat anymore. I just pop him in the jumperoo and he's content enough to let me get some cleaning done!

This jumperoo is just so fricken cute and goes perfectly with our farm theme. At five months, Andrew has just discovered how to bounce up and down in it and spin himself around to play with the toy corn, tomato and carrot, the peekaboo horse and pigs, the spinning ducks, etc. He seems to really like the sounds the bouncer makes too, which includes an instrumental music mode, an extremely exuberant singing lady mode, and an interactive mode with educational phrases ("red tomato," "the cow is black and white," etc.)

Assembling the jumperoo was a snap and I find it to be really sturdy even in my apartment which has weirdly sloped floors (ugh.) The only drawbacks: its too big to fit through some doorways and Andrew sometimes gets his arm stuck between the red arch and the yellow fence with the pigs. It doesn't seem to hurt him, but the poor boy can't move! Also, sometimes the educational mode gets confused and will say "red carrot" or "yellow tomato." I'm anticipating later confusion!

At around $107, I find this jumperoo a bit pricy, but it seems to be the average going rate for these items. In any case, I would purchase it again just because of the fun Andrew has in it! He is really starting to jump and chatter up a storm now--and mama's floors are getting cleaned too!

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  1. The Jumperoo was a lifesaver in my house! Allowed me to get a lot done while my son entertained himself.