Thursday, June 17, 2010

My very first blog award! (10 honest scraps about me)

Sara over at NinjaPanza is awesome and sent me my very first blog award! Check her blog out, not just because she awarded me, but because she writes some really great, funny stuff. (I really loved especially her spot-on posts about the conflicting feelings that go along with breastfeeding.) Oh, and her son is adorable!

To accept this award, I must post 10 "honest scraps" about myself and nominate 5 bloggers to do the same to receive their own award. It really is a great way to get to know each other better!

Here we go:
  1. I am serious about karaoke and will belt out a song like I'm on American Idol. I will secretly cry inside if someone sings offkey (but I will appreciate their effort none-the-less!) 
  2. I studied opera for fun in college. It was an interesting change of pace from karaoke!
  3. I speak Italian but did not learn it from my parents, who speak a Sicilian dialect. I took Italian language classes in school for 9 years.
  4. I love love love circus peanuts candy. 
  5. I am really afraid of flying. My husband, whose father is a retired pilot, is not afraid and doesn't understand how I could be. He buys me above mentioned circus peanuts before flights to make me feel better. I wish they were laced with tranquilizers. 
  6. I like watching tween shows like Hannah Montana and That's So Raven. Perhaps I feel like I'm still 16 at heart. 
  7. I was brought up to be really supersticious. Even though I try hard not to, I can't help getting twitchy when people put shoes on tables, turn bread upside down, give me the malocchio (evil eye), etc. 
  8. I love country music. 
  9. I have lived in New York State my entire life (with a couple month foray into Weeeeeeeeehawken, NJ). My husband has lived in Dubai, Germany, Ireland, New York, Texas and Florida. 
  10. I am a fan of the Shandy (beer + sprite) and will order them in bars even if people think I am a weeny because of it! :) 
Hope you don't think I'm too strange now! Now, I nominate the following bloggers at the following great sites to post their 10 honest scraps and collect their reward:
Can't wait to read your 10 honest scraps! 


  1. Mazal tov on your award!!! I am TERRIFIED of flying. All the intellectualizing in the world about physics can't compensate for the horror of a take-off ....

  2. Hi - here from NFF! I'm totally jealous that you can speak Italian. :) Your little boy is so cute - have a great weekend!

  3. Stopping by from NFF...congrats on your first award! I love shandy too! I could go for some right now...mmm!

  4. I totally cringe (I try to hide it) when someone sings off key at karaoke! I mean, how hard is it to sing Livin' on a Prayer, really?

    Also, I didn't know bread had an up side and a down side!

  5. Oh, crap. I just realized the bread thing was probably the whole loaf being turned flat-side-up. DUH.

    What's bad about that though? I've seriously never heard that superstition!

  6. Sara, I think its some strange Italian superstition having to do with thinking of bread as the body of Christ. So turning it upside-down is a no no! My mom is full of these strange ones!

  7. lol no, not strange at all :) And I, too, cringe when someone sings offkey ;)

  8. I love tween shows too!

    Thanks for the follow, I am following you back.