Sunday, May 22, 2011

Avon is hot! (and husband approved)

Years ago, my mom and her friends would get together to drink coffee and buy Avon from the chatty local Avon rep. My opinion of Avon's products back then was so so: some pretty lipsticks and fruity bath soaps, clothing that was a bit too old for my preteen self, and lots of costume jewelry. But, boy--they seem to have gotten a lot better in the last decade or so!

Avon Oversized Layering Tunic
My friend and fellow mama, Kat, recently started selling Avon (shop her storefront here) and my husband and I found a surprising number of awesome items to purchase. I wore the shirt pictured left for the first time today and my husband couldn't stop complementing me on it! He even kept complimenting me on it after I had changed into my pjs--a shirt that keeps on giving!!

While called an "oversized layering tunic" and pictured as grey, the shirt is actually a dark blue and looks great worn alone over a pair of dark jeans. It has a satiny ribbon collar and ribbon ties on each side to scrunch up the shirt as much/little as you like.

The hotness factor definitely comes from the fact that it is tight around the hips but loose everywhere else--so very perfect for hiding any muffin top you might have going on too! And, FYI: Avon's size chart is pretty accurate--I wear an 8 jeans and the small 6/8 top fits perfectly. 

Avon Mesh Yoke Dress
$29.99 misses; $34.99 womens
Some other awesome buys? 

A $30 purple mesh yoke dress with a wrap-around studded belt that I plan to wear to The View in June (so excited!) Stay tuned for pics of me in the dress at the show next month. 

Advance Techniques Hair Caddy
An $8 (on-sale from $10) bathroom caddy which my husband first spotted and proclaimed we needed for all of my bathroom counter miscellany (its good for holding more than just the hair stuff shown--deodorant, etc.). 

mark "Its a Long Story" dress
And, last but not least, the amazing "Its a Long Story" maxi dress from Avon's Mark line ($34). The maxi hasn't been shipped yet and--since it is from Mark--I don't know if the sizing is the same as Avon's, but I'm awaiting its arrival anxiously and will keep you updated with thoughts and photos. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven't checked out Avon in a while, you may be surprised at what you find. I'm certainly pleased with their new offerings--and my husband's compliments aren't that bad either! 


  1. Lisa,

    Thanks for joining me at Create With Joy - you have a gorgeously colorful blog! :-)

    Have a wonderful week - look forward to getting to know you!


  2. oooh I do like that purple dress!