Wednesday, May 18, 2011

That's a spicy giveaway! Exploring Ultimate Fantasies game from The Adult Toy Shoppe

The Adult Toy Shoppe is just a little ole online shop where you can purchase adult products without the embarrassment of, say, running into the parish priest. They sell almost everything you could imagine, including books, videos, clothes, and toys--and even some stuff that shocked the pants off poor little me (pay no mind to the terrible pun!)
I got the chance to experience the company's discreetness for myself when they offered me a copy of their Exploring Ultimate Fantasies game for review. The game arrived in a plain brown box, with no indication of the sexiness (or, as you'll read below, silliness ) to be found inside. And, if I had purchased the product myself, my billing statement would have simply read "Legend Sales."

Exploring Ultimate Fantasies
Exploring Ultimate Fantasies is a couples' game that comes complete with props--a leg restraint, arm restraint, feather, blindfold, mini massager, body lotions and oils, a candle and edible body paint. The first goal of the game is for each player to get the other to strip down to his/her birthday suit. The second goal is to... well, get busy.

While the goal may be obvious, the rules of the game aren't quite as clear. Through some "advanced" mathematics you must roll the five included dice to earn points and beat your partner's score, causing them to pick up a passion or fantasy card, whose instructions you must follow.

My husband and I couldn't figure out how to add up the points, so I read a few of the passion and fantasy cards just to get a taste of what was in store. Maybe its just me, but a lot of the activities described just inspired laughing fits. Take off a piece of your partner's clothing with just your feet? Have your partner take off their clothes while doing a striptease (I can just imagine my husband doing that!)

Also laugh-worthy is the the image on the front of the package. I mean, seriously, does the man at left look sexy or like he is about to get sick (or both?)

But maybe you're a more romantic type and can see the fun/fantasy in Exploring Ultimate Fantasies (hey, a little laughter is good, right?) If so, The Adult Toy Shoppe has been generous enough to offer one game to a lucky Rockland Mother reader!

To enter (mandatory entry): 

1) Be a Google Friend Connect follower of Rockland Mother and comment below.  

Extra entries for the brave: 

1) Like Rockland Mother on Facebook 

2) Post a link in the comments below to another interesting product at The Adult Toy Shoppe

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The giveaway ends at 11:59pm on June 1st. Good luck! Also, I will be sure to notify the winner privately via email since this is such a spicy giveaway! :) 



    I was laughing so hard when i read "...would be embarrassing to sneeze in the supermarket and have a metal ball fall down your pant leg!"

    but i think it would be interesting seeing as how it'll help women with incontinence after giving birth.


  2. Haha! I saw that too and laughed! Could you imagine? Especially since I always run into every relative I have when I'm in the grocery store. Eek!

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