Monday, May 9, 2011

Product Review: Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar

Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar (Blue)I stumbled across the Little Tikes Pop Tunes Big Rocker Guitar while at a Toys R Us in Queens. I was looking for a toy guitar with actual strings that would not break--unlike the strings on my violin which literally recoiled at Andrew's touch!

I wasn't sure that such an unbreakable instrument existed until I found this little $18 guitar. The strings are actually made out of string, not wire. And they can actually be strummed, producing a surprisingly large variety of rock and roll chords. Genius!

The buttons on the neck of guitar play a great sampling of non-annoying songs (Message in a Bottle, Love Shack, Wild Thing, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and All Star), so your little one can strum along with the tunes or play chords on his own. There is also a whammy bar to play with and pretty flashing lights in the tuning keys. The guitar also comes in pink for little girls who prefer that color.

Andrew really loves this guitar and I often find him (and my husband) rocking out around the apartment. And while the toy manufacturer suggests ages 36 months-6 years for this toy, I find that it is a favorite with my little 16-month old and his friends. Once I get my flipcam working again, I'll be sure to post video of Andrew rocking out on his Little Tikes guitar. Until then, just take my word for it--this guitar rocks!


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