Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pretty Paper Goodie Box for Mother's Day Treats

If your mom likes yummy treats this quick and easy Mother's Day Gift idea (or any other day gift idea) is right up your alley. All you need is pretty paper, a couple minutes of origami-inspired patience, and the video and written directions on the following website to make a cute paper box to hold your mom's favorite candies, cookies and other treats:

As you make your box, just remember a few things: 

1) The stronger the paper, the stronger/longer-lasting the box. If you want to have heavier treats in the box, you'll need cardstock or similar heavy paper. 

2) The bigger the paper, the bigger the box. Your box will come out to a little bit smaller than a quarter of your starting paper size.

3) Unwrapped candies, cookies, etc. should be wrapped in plastic bags or cellophane before going into the box if you want mom to be able to reuse it. 

For the box pictured above, I used different sheets of pretty patterned scrapbooking paper that I always seem to have on-hand. You can also use any suitable squares of paper you have on hand--as long as it is heavy enough to hold what you intend to put inside the box. You can even decorate paper yourself with markers, stickers, etc.--or have your kids decorate the box for an even more special gift for grandma.

Your final step? Fill up your beautiful creation with goodies and hand it over to mom. How can she not be pleased by your origami prowess--and that you took the time to create something special just for her. 

Happy folding! 


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