Monday, May 23, 2011

Product Review: Mobi Tykelight Glomate Plus

Mobi Tykelight Glomate Plus
I'm $20, but awesome.
I've been meaning to pick up a Mobi Tykelight Glomate Plus ever since I saw it advertised in the One Step Ahead catalog. Firstly, I find the little no-faced, arms-up man adorable. But, most importantly, I needed a nightlight that Andrew wasn't going to rip out of the light socket or take apart every five seconds.

I just got around to picking one up for $20 at Babies R Us and it is everything I hoped it would be. While 20 bucks might sound a bit steep for a night light, the Glomate really is special: after charging on his docking station, the Glomate will glow continuously off the station for 10 hours--that's an entire night for my little one!

The Glomate is soft to the touch (solid, though, not mushy or gooey like you might think.) and never gets hot due to the LED lights inside which don't give off heat. You can also choose a constantly glowing color (red, blue or green) or rainbow mode which cycles through the colors (but doesn't hold the charge as long). There is also a 15-minute timer mode which gradually shuts off the Glomate and is very useful for older children who like to sleep with their Glomate in bed.

Mobi Tykelight WallmateI think I may be more in love with the Glomate Tykelight than Andrew is! (Just like we watch The Fresh Beat Band for my enjoyment!)

Mobi also makes a 3-inch tall Glomate Junior--which requires 3 AAA batteries for 100 hours of light--and a Mobi Tykelight Wallmate which plugs into the wall (and is pictured right). Just beware: the Wallmate is not portable and the little man does not detach from his base. 


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