Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stop, Time

As I sat in our rocking chair earlier today, with Andrew asleep in my arms, I said a prayer for time to go a bit slower and was reminded of a really touching song from the musical version of Big. 

"Stop, Time" is sung by the mother of the young protagonist after he runs away (if you've seen the movie version of Big with Tom Hanks you'll know that he really didn't run away; he just became, well, big.) I think any parent can relate to these feeling of just wanting to hold onto each moment for just a while longer.

"Stop, Time"
from the musical Big

Two months old, he looks up at you

How his smile melts your heart
You want to say, "Stop, time"
Don't move on
Even as you watch that look is gone

Then he's two, such a little man
So alive and so smart
Again you say, "Stop, time"
Stay just this way
But the future comes and he can't stay

Nobody warns you of this parent's paradox
You want your kid to change and grow
But when he does, another child you've just begun to know
Leaves forever

Birthdays fly - 7, 8, 9, 10
Every kid he becomes you clutch and say "Stop, time"
Hold this one fast
But it's not supposed to last
And that time has come and passed
For he's growing
And he has to go

If I had only stopped the clock four weeks ago
Somehow had frozen time right there
He'd still be here, I'd see his face
I'd hold him in my arms
Safe forever

It can't be that he's reached thirteen
Now the real changes start
But he's not here
"Stop, time"
Don't rush life so
Bring him back
And then I'll let him go

Agh! Way to make me tear up, you stupid (but actually awesome) musical. Every word of it is so true and urges us to remember to squeeze our little ones as often as we can for as long as they'll let us. 


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