Friday, May 6, 2011

Footprints for Grandma

Before Gluing and Framing
I really adore framed little footprints and handprints, but I'm not too keen on buying expensive and hard to use print-making kits--especially since it is really inexpensive and easy to come up with a colorful print on your own!

For your mom on Mother's Day (or Mother-in-Law, child's godmother, or Aunt), why not make prints of your little one's/ones' hands or feet using non-toxic, washable paint and a little bit of pretty paper? Just follow these easy steps:

1) Paint your little one's hands and feet, one at a time, with non-toxic washable paint such as Crayola Washable Kid's Paint.

2) Press each hand or foot onto a sturdy piece of paper such as poster board or heavy card stock. You may need to make multiple prints if your kid moves around a lot like mine. You can make things a little easier on yourself by putting him/her in a high chair while you paint his feet and print (Andrew really liked the squishy feeling of the paint too!)

3) Cut out the best prints and use glue dots or a glue stick to paste them to a pretty piece (or layered pieces) of paper. I again used some scrapbooking paper that I had lying about the house. You can also add a photo and a label with your child's name and age as I did above.

4) Frame the whole darn pretty thing and give it away! (And, if you're like me, you'll make yourself one as well!)

The finished product! Sorry for the bad photo resolution!

This is by far my favorite project of the week and I know my mom is really going to be pleased and surprised when she gets it (hope she doesn't read this post!) Its just so pretty and sweet--and you can't by anything like this in a store. That's something special!

With that, my week of easy, budget-friendly Mother's Days gifts is over (I'm resting tomorrow before the big day, of course!) I hope you've enjoyed reading the ideas I've posted and have been able to come up with a creative gift of your own for the moms in your life.

I also hope you have some special time planned with your family this Sunday. We'll be at the amazing Magnanini Winery in Wallkill, NY.  Nothing makes an Italian mama more happy than good wine, food, Italian music and family!


  1. totally using this! we were just discussing gifts today! (we are always so last minute!!!) Thanks for the awesome idea!

  2. Hi Amy!! I'm so glad to be of help! I'm very last minute too--but this can be done quickly and still look like a million bucks! I hope you, Ross and the kids are doing well! <3

  3. Aww that's so cute! Great idea.

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  4. This is amazing. Thank you for the wonderful gift idea! I'm preparing everything right now so when Aiden wakes up we can do it!! :D